Some curious Restaurant trends from 2019 to keep an eye on during 2020

Last year was very significant for restaurant owners on how diners and buyers behaved in many aspects; these are some curious restaurant trends from 2019 to keep an eye on during 2020:

1. Most popular menu items by state

  • California: Carne asada
  • Illinois: Caesar salad
  • Washington DC: Lobster rolls
  • Florida: Espresso
  • New York: Eggplant parm
  • Texas: Avocado toast


  • There was a 130% increase in plant-based meat alternatives.
  • There was a 109% increase in spirit-free cocktail options.
  • 70% more CBD options on menus.
  • All-vegan menus lost popularity by 52%.


  • The most popular day to place a catering order is Monday.
  • Diners tend to place online orders from their phones 70% of the time, and in 30% of cases, they do it from their desktop computers.
  • The top holiday for restaurant catering orders is Thanksgiving, and the average catering store tip amount is 15.3%.


  • The most expensive food item sold on a website was the Ultimate Meat Collection from Duke’s Premium Meats for $710.
  • The most popular item sold on a website was the What’s the Ramen kit from Ichiran.
  • There was a 150% increase in restaurants offering food, beverage, and DIY kits.

5. The most popular types of ticketed event at a restaurant:

  • Tastings & classes. 
  • Special dinners. 
  • NYE parties. 
  • Prix-fixed brunches.
  • Valentine’s Day.


  • Digital gift cards (57%) won over physical ones (43%) in sales.
  • The average gift card amount was $90.

7. The top reasons for gift card giving:

  • Birthdays. 
  • Holidays. 
  • Thank you’s. 
  • Anniversaries. 
  • Just because.
    The most popular day to use a restaurant gift card was Saturday.


  • Among mobile and desktop usage by diners, mobile wins the race with 65%, while desktop users are only 35%.
  • There was a 7% increase in mobile usage since 2018.
  • The peak time for restaurant website visitors was between 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  • The most popular day for website visitors was Saturday.

9. Reservations, mobile vs. desktop.

  • Desktop 51%.
  • Mobile 49%.
  • Most requests were usually submitted around 5:30 p.m.
  • The most popular holiday for reservations is Mother’s Day.
  • The holiday with most last-minute reservations was Valentine’s Day.
  • There was a 75% spike in reservations before V-Day.