Online marketing is better than any other traditional media for one simple reason: It’s measurable!

You know where your guests, subscribers and reservations are are coming from; what is working and what is not.
The Foodie Agency’s online marketing services cover everything a restaurant needs, when it comes to “being on the digital world” and make every dollar invested worth.

Our restaurant online marketing solutions include:

Online Marketing
Email Marketing


By partnering with The Foodie Agency to increase the success of your email campaigns, you have a team of online marketers that understand the value of an email campaign.

We have proven experience in running email marketing campaigns that will engage with your subscribers, with eye-catching designs and content, and driving them to the right page in your website, or dedicated landing pages to convert those who didn’t subscribe yet into new list members.

We also specialize in Marketing Automation funnels, helping you to engage, nurture, and convert your new list members or those that never visited your restaurant, into repeating guests.


It’s common knowledge in the F&B community that a bad review can hurt any restaurant. Our online reputation professionals have the tools and expertise needed to manage guests’ bad feedback and engage with them to find a positive resolution, and to spread all good reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and other major review sites.

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Online Reputation


When it comes to Paid Search (or PPC) our experienced digital advertisers will develop smart and effective paid campaigns on major search engines, display partners, and Social Networks, to make each dollar you invest work for you; giving you the best possible return.

We work with the world’s top platforms as authorized partners, giving us the opportunity to create customized campaigns for every budget, and track each action to optimize your campaigns even more.

While others go the easy way by targeting people just by their geographical area, age, or gender, we go deeper by  targeting them by their food preferences, restaurants they dine in (your competitors), and many other filters. We put your dollars at work, driving the right people to your website.

Digital Media Buying