Online Marketing

Online marketing
Foodie Agency Online Marketing

Online marketing is better than any other traditional media for one simple reason: It’s measurable!

You know where your guests, subscribers and reservations are are coming from; what is working and what is not.
The Foodie Agency’s online marketing services cover everything a restaurant needs, when it comes to “being on the digital world” and make every dollar invested worth.

Our restaurant online marketing solutions include:

Local Search

Local search

By combining organic content and top citation networks, we make sure every one of the brands we partner with, is relevant to all search tools and is easily found by all potential guests.

Some of our partnerships and certifications for local search:

Reputation Management:

Reputation management

In 2013 we have opened our Restaurant Reputation Department, and managed on behalf of our clients, millions of reviews.

Our reputation management professionals have the tools and expertise needed to deal with guests’ feedback and engage with their reviews, especially the negative ones, and increase the good ones through strategies combined with Social Media. 

Paid Media:

Online advertising for Restaurants is a combination of strategies, platforms, networks, A/B tests, and more.
It’s understanding your guests’ behavior and preferences and targeting them with the right message.  

We partner with most online advertising networks and our advertising professionals have the training and certifications needed to run successful restaurant advertising campaigns.

Some of the networks we deal with:

logos de Meta, Google, TikTok y Adroll (abajo)