When direct mail meets digital advertising. A new way to reach more clients

We have new things to share at DM Agency!
As part of a partnership with El Toro, the Only One-to-One 100% Cookie-Free IP Targeting Solution, we are taking digital advertising to the NEXT (yes, in CAPITALS), the NEXT level!
With this cutting-edge technology, we view IP addresses differently than the rest. To us, an IP address is a way to connect businesses to their customers and prospects. With this “One-to-One 100% Cookie-Free IP Targeting” tool, we match physical addresses to IP addresses with extreme precision to offer multi-platform personalized interactions.

While most other online marketing tools use online cookie data, we use offline data, which is verified and drastically reduces the potential of non-human bot traffic. We fuse direct mail with digital advertising by onboarding and unifying your customer data. We’re like a digital postman for an online world.

Appealing to Individual Customers
Until now, marketers have been focusing more on audience segmentation — grouping people based on demographics and behavior. Now, we can reach individuals based in their exact location, by using their exact mailing address and thru the IP address of that location’s internet connection.

In other words: Instead of renting a list of addresses and run a direct mail campaign, we use these addresses to serve ads to all the devices connected to that address’ IP. It’s a more effective and affordable way to get to them since we don’t involve a printer and the postal service anymore especially when we know where 99% of these direct mail pieces end: The trash can.

That said, we reach more people, the same way we’d reach them by their mailing address, income, gender, and many other variables, but thru their connected devices. That also includes specific venues (like this example, where we’re targeting everyone who’s connected to the Fontainebleau Hotel’s Wifi network) for a specific promotion done by a company that wants to target all the people staying there.

Do you run an Air Conditioning company, a dentist office or a restaurant and want to target new movers who may be looking for your services in their new areas? We can target them with our “New movers” targeting tool.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”2098″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css=”.vc_custom_1493387855484{margin-top: 40px !important;margin-bottom: 40px !important;}”][vc_column_text]For more information on how to take your digital marketing strategies to the next level for real, please contact us now!