Who likes to walk into an empty restaurant?

Every time I walk to a restaurant and it’s empty or has just one or two guests, I wonder what’s wrong with this place.

Is it their service? Does the food suck? How’s it doin’ on Yelp and Google? Most of the times, I walk away.
Yes, just like most people. We don’t like to be in an empty restaurant!

Restaurant owners don’t like empty restaurants for obvious reasons: They don’t make money and people run away, just because -again- they don’t like empty restaurants!

The Digital Marketing Solution: 
Digital Marketing, in its diferent channels, is the most efficient way to reach customers, those who already know your restaurant, and those who have never heard about it. Since a smart strategy helps marketers to deliver the right message, on the right time, and to the right people, restaurants that have a smart strategy, can make a difference.

The most popular (and effective) channels are, so far, Google ads, Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, and location based (or geofencing) marketing.