Top 5 strategies to do it right on Instagram

1. Don’t try to play the system!

Don’t waste your money buying followers or even following thousands of people thinking that they will follow you back. Doing this won’t help you get potential diners or real likes that could expose your restaurant.

 Sometimes you could be spotted by the algorithm if you’re buying followers or likes; as a result, your publications may not be published or, even worse, your account could be suspended.

Instagram users are no fools; at first, they might be attracted by the number of followers you have but if they see followers from Arabia or Asia they will know those users were bought.

Remember, everything you do influences a user’s decision to dine at your restaurant. So, if you try to play the system your clients might think that you are dishonest in other aspects.

2. Tell a story, your story

Instagram is above all an application that tells stories that motivate or inspire in some way. Stories are exciting and emotions triggered by those, are what generate brand memories and bring diners to your restaurant.

Emotions are what generate brand memories and sales.

Clients follow you on Instagram for inspiration in connection with your brand. Your profile must tell users about your concept and differentiation; also, what kind of experience your customer can live at your restaurant. Always have a marketing strategy behind your posts trying to trigger emotions revolving around happiness, illusion, friendship, and tenderness among many others.

3. Talk to your audience

Although it seems logical, you should be thinking about your target or potential customers when you upload a photo or video to make sure you spark interest. Being memorable is all about telling a story you love and knowing the interest and motivations of your audience.

Setting up a business account rather than a personal one is crucial; many functions in business accounts like analytics, statistics, follower location, age, etc. can help your business; you would be able to see if you’re going down the right path or if you have to change your marketing strategy on Instagram.

4.Your profile and feed must be interesting and appealing

Your content must be inspiring and reflect your follower´s lifestyle. Make sure your feed is appealing and tells inspiring stories through great photographs; this way, you can gain new followers and keep the ones you already have.

Look for photos you like with high engagement ratios in other accounts; try to follow that line in photography style, filters, framing, background, etc. Pay attention to aesthetics, making sure your account does not look messy to increase impact.

5. Be more “social” if you want a better engagement

Being a social network, Instagram is a place for talking and exchanging ideas; be  very active and generous; comment on other accounts, ask questions and follow people who may interest you. Don’t expect to receive hundreds of likes and new followers if you don’t play an active part in the community.