NEW AND TRENDING: Facebook Messenger Marketing for Restaurants

]Messenger Marketing is here, and it’s a great new tool to connect with your Facebook page visitors and increase engagement, brand awareness, online orders and sales, discount coupons distribution and much more!

So, how’s this done? Simple: With a “chatbot”, an automated assistant who will chat with your visitors, answering their questions, driving them to the right pages on your website, sharing documents, pictures, videos, and more. A chatbot uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to ask the right questions or provide the right answers to your visitors.

The most effective customer support experience: Facebook Messenger

Recent studies show that customers prefer to interact with their brands with questions, requests or complaints through chat rather than through phone or email, and this is where Messenger plays a very important role in customer service. It’s becoming the world’s #1 marketing channel, and the companies who become early adopters of this fast-growing channel are going to have a serious advantage over their competitors

Engagement Rates higher than email marketing

A recent report from Statista compared the open and click-through rates for different types of emails. In their research, they found that the average email open rates were 5.9%-18.8%, and the average click-through rates were 0.4%-2.1%.
Compare that to Messenger Marketing—where marketers are currently seeing open rates of 80% or more and click-through rates greater than 30%—and you’ll start to get an idea of the potential of this new marketing medium.
People are much, much more likely to open and click on a messaging app than they are with an email. And that’s good news for any company hoping to engage their leads and prospects online.

The Foodie Agency is your Messenger Marketing Expert!

We’re glad to announce that DM Agency / The foodie Agency, has partnered with Facebook to customize chatbots for all needs and industries:

Customer support
Reservations and Bookings
And many more!

Contact us for a demo and find out what a chatbot can do for your restaurant!