The future of the restaurant industry

What would the restaurant industry look like  30 years from now? It seems that delivery and off-premises dining will continue to be a trend among diners. Restaurant customers will be more inclined to search for unique restaurant experiences revolving around meaningful interactions. Things like uniquely crafted food and beverage as well as engaging themes will […]

10 Marketing Trends and Predictions for Restaurant Growth in 2020

Here are some marketing techniques you should be considering during the year ahead.  Peer Marketing: Reviews are an integral part of the marketing world regarding brand reputation, 95% of online shoppers read online reviews before making a buying decision as does 92% of business-to-business buyers. Content is still king:  Infographics are the best type of […]

Some curious Restaurant trends from 2019 to keep an eye on during 2020

Last year was very significant for restaurant owners on how diners and buyers behaved in many aspects; these are some curious restaurant trends from 2019 to keep an eye on during 2020: 1. Most popular menu items by state California: Carne asada Illinois: Caesar salad Washington DC: Lobster rolls Florida: Espresso New York: Eggplant parm […]

Top 5 strategies to do it right on Instagram

1. Don’t try to play the system! Don’t waste your money buying followers or even following thousands of people thinking that they will follow you back. Doing this won’t help you get potential diners or real likes that could expose your restaurant.  Sometimes you could be spotted by the algorithm if you’re buying followers or […]

Digital marketing tips for your restaurant.

Restaurant Digital Marketing Portfolio First of all, I recommend that you look for an agency that has real-world examples that adapt to what you need in their portfolio. The ideal thing is to go to an agency specializing in your particular industry. This is because the specific experience in your sector will save you time […]

Chatbots: Discover what AI can do for your business’ growth

As online marketing continues to ramp up, consumers’ expectations are also rising alongside it, and that includes the expectations of round-the-clock support from brands on Social Media. This is where chatbots on Facebook Messenger and other platforms come in, providing an automated, 24-hour solution to customer engagement. Some facts to consider: Chatbots can be pre-scripted […]

Who likes to walk into an empty restaurant?

Every time I walk to a restaurant and it’s empty or has just one or two guests, I wonder what’s wrong with this place. Is it their service? Does the food suck? How’s it doin’ on Yelp and Google? Most of the times, I walk away. Yes, just like most people. We don’t like to […]

NEW AND TRENDING: Facebook Messenger Marketing for Restaurants

]Messenger Marketing is here, and it’s a great new tool to connect with your Facebook page visitors and increase engagement, brand awareness, online orders and sales, discount coupons distribution and much more! So, how’s this done? Simple: With a “chatbot”, an automated assistant who will chat with your visitors, answering their questions, driving them to […]