How to market to diners in 2020 and how they discover your restaurant

Learn how diners seek out and discover new restaurants; learn tips to maximize online presence and attract diners to your restaurant. The key factors influencing a dining decision and how they search. How to post and handle your restaurant’s social media. How to optimize your content for search engines. Using listing sites to market your […]

When direct mail meets digital advertising. A new way to reach more clients

We have new things to share at DM Agency! As part of a partnership with El Toro, the Only One-to-One 100% Cookie-Free IP Targeting Solution, we are taking digital advertising to the NEXT (yes, in CAPITALS), the NEXT level! With this cutting-edge technology, we view IP addresses differently than the rest. To us, an IP […]

Digital marketing strategies everybody gets wrong and why you should stop doing them

It’s not unusual to find, in everyday entrepreneur’s new emerging companies, that the marketing strategy and the actions taken towards selling are being born in the owner or the general manager’s imaginarium or understanding of what is marketing and how selling should be done. While not entirely wrong, there are special details or ways of […]

Online Reputation Management for Restaurants

[vYears ago it used to be that word of mouth marketing happened by well… word of mouth. Today word of marketing takes place online. Think about it. Before you purchase new shoes online how do you verify if they are a good pair? If you are like most people, you likely read customer reviews on […]

5 Tips for Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social media marketing is becoming an increasingly critical part of a marketing strategy for restaurants. Here are some pointers to engage users and create an online following: 1) Notify your customers Keep your customers updated about changes in your restaurant. Have a happy hour or new weekend special? Let your followers know. Facebook and Twitter […]