10 Marketing Trends and Predictions for Restaurant Growth in 2020

Here are some marketing techniques you should be considering during the year ahead. 

Peer Marketing: Reviews are an integral part of the marketing world regarding brand reputation, 95% of online shoppers read online reviews before making a buying decision as does 92% of business-to-business buyers.

Content is still king:  Infographics are the best type of content you can create, they are highly shareable and easy to understand.

Video content rules: Over the next few years, there will be a higher density of video content on the web. It has been proven that people react much better to visuals than to written text; websites can rank much better if they contain a high percentage of videos

Voice search is number one: In the next few years, the marketing field will be greatly influenced by three terms: machine learning, omni-channel, and visual. The traditional marketer will be replaced by a technical one that will write and understand scripts and Implement API Integrations to achieve great results.

Customer is always first: It’s all about building stronger relationships with your customers to be able to achieve great marketing results.

SMS marketing: Although being old school, SMS marketing or text messaging plays a great role in marketing today; reaching customers in the first 3 minutes upon arrival.

Natural language processing NLP: Using computers to write part of your content will get rid of word amount and time restrictions and deliver high-quality content.

Unique marketing techniques: Content reports, Tik Tok videos, podcast episodes, and whatsapp newsletters are some of the marketing tools that will be trending in 2020.

SEO, a game changer: There will be more weight given to naturally written content and highly contextual relevant links; SEO will be more about what looks human and natural.

Data drives the way: At the moment, data is getting richer but it needs to be less segmented; marketers need to find a way to easily aggregate data and use it to increase ROI´s dramatically.

Credit: socialmediatoday.com